On Ragequitting

Jeff Atwood just posted an article about Aaron Swartz, his unfortunate story, and the notion of ragequitting.

I agree with Jeff on Swartz and the thoughts about that case. Rather than restate all that, check out the article. My thoughts go out to Swartz and his family. He'll be missed.

What I disagree with is this:

Ragequitting is childish, a sign of immaturity.

We've often used "vote with your feet" as an idiom describing how people can effectively support (or show lack of support) for a thing, particularly an internet (or programming, or technology) thing. It occurs to me that ragequitting, while abrupt, is effectively foot-voting-in-action. I've done it myself, I admit, and I'm sure you have, too. Point is, just because it's fast or unannounced doesn't mean it's any less valid, and, in my opinion, certainly doesn't mean it's childish. It's within everyone's rights to choose their situation and decide what's best for them regardless of the emotion that may be associated with said decision.

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Gravatar # re: On Ragequitting
by Erik Dietrich at 1/21/2013 2:58 PM
I agree with you, and I'd also add that if the operative word in "RageQuit" is truly "rage," then "quit" might actually be the most sane and mature thing people might do. To put it another way, if you were playing a game of fill in the blank, "he ____ in a fit of rage" then "quit" would be a lot better than most things that wind up going in that blank space.
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