DX_ContextLab - Help in Checking/Debugging DXCore Contexts

This is sort of a niche thing, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry. However, people who write DXCore plugins (CodeRush/Refactor) sometimes need to do some action based on what context the user is currently in. For example, you may need to enable a function or hide a button or something if the user is in a designer screen. The problem is, it's hard to debug that sort of thing - there's nothing that says "here's the context(s) you're currently in" so when you're writing your plugin you can do the right thing.

That's what I made - a plugin that [optionally] polls for the list of contexts the user is currently in so you can debug the plugin you're writing.

DX_ContextLab Window

If you want it (or any of the other awesome FREE community plugins), head over to the DXCore Community Plugins site.

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