State Licensed Pyrotechnician

General Operator Certification for Public Display of Fireworks
I noticed a couple of envelopes from the Office of Homeland Security came in the mail today, which could mean only one thing: my pyrotechnician license finally arrived.

After a few years of working on shows for Western Display Fireworks (usually with Greg running the show), Jenn and I both took the pyro certification test, completed the prerequisites, and applied for our Oregon state pyro licenses. It took a while (notice the issue date is 8/4 but I just got it in the mail today), but it's finally here.

Technically, that means we can legally buy professional fireworks and run our own show. Of course, there's a heck of a lot more to it than just declaring you want to "have a show," and I'm really not ready to take on that responsibility, so I don't think that'll be happening. But we're could, and isn't that what matters? (I think we'll stick to working with Western. Heh.)

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