Mr. Hygiene

There's this guy at the local video store who seems to be in there every time we go. I'm sure you've got one of these guys at your video store, too.

He's maybe 25. His fingernails are half an inch long and dirty underneath. His hair has been neither washed nor combed in... well, ever. That Grizzly Adams beard has got to go. When you check out, he talks to you in a monotone voice and asks things like "wouldyoubeinterestedinourtwoforonepreviouslyviewedmovies?"

Oh, and he snorts and clears his throat repeatedly while he stands there behind the register.


We call him "Mr. Hygiene."

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Gravatar # Re: Mr. Hygiene
by bolts at 4/20/2005 10:36 PM
The guy at the Blockbuster next to GI Joes (on Cornell) right? That guy is outright frightening...
Gravatar # Re: Mr. Hygiene
by Travis at 4/20/2005 10:54 PM
Holy crap?! You KNOW the guy?!
Gravatar # Re: Mr. Hygiene
by bolts at 4/20/2005 11:33 PM
He is certainly a memorable fellow :) My wife and I can hardly contain our laughter in the store when he talks and snorts.

We've given in to occasionally throwing in a bit of monotone with a snort or two to lighten the mood at home.

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