Workin' In The Coal Mine

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I’m still at work because traffic is terrible out there and I’d rather sit around here and get stuff done than sit in a car indefinitely. Ugh.

I was reading the blog of a friend of mine and it brought up an interesting question. Where do you work best?

For him, he works best “out of his element” - traveling, sitting at Starbucks, in someone else’s cube, etc.

For me, it’s a whole other story. If I’m out of my element (i.e., working at home or out of the office), while I will be more likely to come up with solutions to nagging problems, the amount of code I will churn out will be *less* than if I’m sitting in my sensory deprivation chamber at work. Why? Call it ADHD - there are too many things “out there” that I’d rather be doing than sitting and coding… Art projects, working on my own personal code projects, playing with my cat, watching movies, playing games, etc.

Being at work, I have more of a sense of dedication to the task at hand

  • I’m at work so I can work.

I think I solve my problems best in the shower or in the car in the morning. I’ll figure out how to deal with stuff I’m stuck on while I’m driving to work in the morning or coming home at night. (Actually, sitting on the pot’s a great place to solve problems, too.) Once I’m going to code, though, I need to put the headphones on (music with no words - trance/techno seems to be best for me) and not answer the phone or see any distractions around me. Otherwise, the workflow goes kaput.