Release Notices

Notification of new versions of items that you can download.

Command Prompt Here Generator - VS2013 Support

I added support to generate a "VS2013 Developer Prompt Here" to the Command Prompt Here Generator, so if you're looking for that, there you go.

Autofac 3.0.1 Released

We had to roll out a minor feature introduced in 3.0.0 because it was causing a memory leak. If you're running a long-lived app (Windows service, web site) you'll want this. Only the core Autofac package was updated; the rest remained. Assembly versions didn't change.

Autofac 3.0 Released

The final version of Autofac 3.0.0 is released and you can get it on NuGet or download directly from Google Code. If you're upgrading from 2.6, the big changes are: NuGet packages for everything - you can get core Autofac, the integrations, and the extras, all on NuGet. Symbol/source packages are deployed to SymbolSource so you can debug into the source. New integration with MVC4, WebAPI, and SignalR. Autofac core is now a Portable Class Library that can work on the full .NET stack, Windows Store...

Autofac 3.0 Beta Packages Available on NuGet

We're super close to having a final release of Autofac 3.0 with support for Windows Store apps and Windows Phone 8. Beta packages are available on NuGet now. Rather than repeat what Alex has already said, go check out his very detailed explanation of all the new/fixed/updated stuff available.

Updated Subtext Database Maintenance Page – Enable/Disable Referrals

Tim Heuer figured out the right stored procedure to modify in Subtext to disable tracking of referrals altogether. I'm all for this since it means less need to monitor my database and remove/shrink the referral table. I updated my Subtext Database Maintenance page so you can fix your DB up with a single click. Enable/disable, push-button style. All yours, free, YMMV. Do note that it does actually modify the stored proc, so if you've got your DB locked down or you've customized stuff, this may not be something you want to do. You have been warned.

CR_Documentor Released

The latest version of CR_Documentor,,  has been released. This version is an update to .NET 4 in preparation for a VSIX-based installer (think Visual Studio Gallery) so it will only support Visual Studio 2010. It also resolves a small issue where some interfaces changed in DXCore 11.2.8 and the plugin was throwing exceptions. You will need the latest CodeRush/Refactor/DXCore (11.2.8) or things may not work. (I admittedly haven't tried it on earlier versions.) Free, as always, so go get it! And watch for the VSIX installer, coming soon!

CR_Documentor Released

I posted a new version of CR_Documentor as a compatibility fix for the latest CodeRush/Refactor/DXCore. Some assemblies moved around in DXCore and caused CR_Documentor to fail to load. The latest version fixes that. As always, free - go get it!

CR_Documentor Released

It's been a while in the making, but the new version of CR_Documentor is out. It took a while because I did two pretty major updates to it. First, I totally overhauled the syntax preview generation so each preview style (NDoc or Sandcastle) uses the same syntax preview engine. As part of that, I added a bunch more testing and support for complex syntax like multiple type parameters with multiple type constraints per parameter. What? What does that mean? It means you can see stuff like this in your preview: And, of course, it works in VB, too (which, based on the way...

VS2010 Command Prompt Here

NOTE: I'm no longer maintaining the Command Prompt Round-Up. Instead, visit the Command Prompt Here Generator. I updated my Command Prompt Round-Up to support a VS2010 "Command Prompt Here" function. Right-click a folder and get a VS2010 command prompt. Interested? Go get it.

CR_Documentor Released

It's been almost a year, but I've finally got the new CR_Documentor out the door. Several bug fixes and a couple of new features including: Ability to "pause" rendering - "pause" the preview window and navigate around without having it update. Helpful if you're using the documentation preview as a reference while developing. Assignable shortcut actions - set up shortcuts for many of the actions previously only available in the context menu like "convert selection to XML doc comment" or "collapse all XML documentation blocks." Still free - head over to...

ImageShackWriterPlugin - Upload to ImageShack from Windows Live Writer

I have to admit - I'm a Windows Live Writer convert. I tried earlier versions and wasn't impressed, but I'm all over it now. I'm also an ImageShack user. I love their free image hosting service for its ability to save me bandwidth on image hosting. It makes a surprising difference. (I even use YFrog on Twitter.) The only real problem I ran into was that Windows Live Writer wants to upload every image to your blog for hosting. I don't want that - I want my images on ImageShack. That means leaving Windows Live Writer to upload...

CR_CodeTweet: Tweet Code Snippets from Visual Studio

Sometimes you have a snippet of code in Visual Studio that you'd like to share over Twitter. You used to have to post the code snippet somewhere (or take a screen shot), then manually tweet the link to that snippet. Not anymore! CR_CodeTweet is a plugin for DXCore that adds a context menu and hotkey that allows you to select code in Visual Studio and automatically post it to CodePaste.NET, then tweet a link to that posted snippet - all without leaving Visual Studio. Select your code and use a simple context menu... ...

DX_ContextLab - Help in Checking/Debugging DXCore Contexts

This is sort of a niche thing, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry. However, people who write DXCore plugins (CodeRush/Refactor) sometimes need to do some action based on what context the user is currently in. For example, you may need to enable a function or hide a button or something if the user is in a designer screen. The problem is, it's hard to debug that sort of thing - there's nothing that says "here's the context(s) you're currently in" so when you're writing your plugin you can do the right thing. That's what...

CopyTrackMetadata Released

A while ago I wrote a little app that would let you copy iTunes metadata from one track to another. Due to a breaking change in iTunes 9 where it doesn't handle selected tracks in the UI the same way, I updated it. Still free, and source available (and updated to .NET 3.5/VS 2008). If you want it, grab it.

Paraesthesia.Tools.NAntTasks Released

It's been a while since I touched these, particularly since I don't use NAnt much anymore, but I got spurred into action by one of my readers (thanks Mark!). To that end, I did some updating to get things to work with a more recent environment... Updated to .NET 2.0. Updated to NAnt 0.86 beta 1. Fixed nunitexec task to no longer output the "framework" parameter. Fixed nunitexec task to properly quote only the value of command-line parameters. Fixed alpharesx to...

CR_Documentor Released

With the release of DXCore 9.1.3 I've also released a new version of CR_Documentor. Some changes in DXCore caused the previous versions of CR_Documentor to fail, so if you've upgraded your DXCore/CodeRush/Refactor install, you'll want the new CR_Documentor to go with it.

CR_Documentor Released

CR_Documentor is a bug fix release that fixes a UI hang that would occasionally happen on certain users' machines. If you're seeing the documentation preview "freeze," this might help you out.

CR_Documentor Released

CR_Documentor has been released and includes several bug fixes for rendering issues as well as some fixes/enhancements around the internal preview web server. Check out the version history to see the list of all the resolved issues and added features, then go get it!

CR_Documentor Released: Fixed the JavaScript Security Warning

I just posted the new version of CR_Documentor, version, over at Google Code. This new one hosts a tiny internal web server (instead of manually poking things into the IE DOM) so as long as you can get to localhost, you should be able to see the preview without that nasty warning. I also fixed the focus issue so it shouldn't steal focus when the preview refreshes. If you upgraded before and are ready for a fix, go get it!

CR_Documentor Released: Now With Sandcastle Preview and Open Source Goodness

I know it's bad news to release things on Friday right before the day is out, but I can't hold it in any longer: I am pleased to announce that after a far-too-long silence, CR_Documentor has been released and is now available for download. Three major things to report in this release: All reported bugs have been fixed. If you mailed me or left a comment about a bug, it should be resolved in this release. While there are some known issues, things should render right and it should behave itself reasonably. Sandcastle "Prototype" preview...

CR_JoinLines and CR_SortLines Join DXCore Community Plugins

My CR_JoinLines and CR_SortLines plugins for DXCore have been joined up with the DXCore Community Plugins project headed by Rory Becker. Complete source, installation/usage info, etc., has all been put up over there and any further dev on them will be done there. Hopefully this more public release area will be helpful to folks who not only want to find and use the plugins, but also who want to learn how to write plugins.

SNInfo Released

For those using my little assembly strong name reading tool, I: Updated it for .NET 2.0. Added an option to copy/paste a generated binding redirect block out for the assembly you're looking at. Free for the taking!

EmbeddedResourcePathProvider - Binary-Only ASP.NET 2.0

I posted before about an ASP.NET 1.1 way to deploy in a close-to-binary-only format, embedding ASPX files as resources in your assemblies.  That way doesn't work in .NET 2.0... but it turns out they added something better in .NET 2.0 that lets you create a more complete solution - System.Web.Hosting.VirtualPathProvider. The basic idea is that rather than talk directly to the filesystem, ASP.NET provides a "hosting environment" and asks for files from there.  VirtualPathProviders can register and respond to these requests.  By default, ASP.NET has a file system based provider registered, so everything works out like it always did.  While you can't...

Copy Amazon Associates Product URL Bookmarklet

I'm a member of the Amazon Associates program and when I put links to products in my blog postings or in emails, I like to make sure they're referral links.  On a web site, that also means you can take advantage of the automatic popup link script they provide. The problem is that you have to create links to particular products by going to their site and doing a search or plugging in the ASIN number so the URL can be generated.  But the URL has a pattern, so if you know the pattern and have it handy you can pretty...

System.Collections.ObjectModel.KeyedCollection<T> CodeSmith Template

I've been converting a .NET 1.1 project over to .NET 2.0 and there are a lot of strongly-typed collections in the project that were generated by CodeSmith.  Most of these collections were based on the ArrayList template that came bundled with CodeSmith and all of them used the "GetByKey" facility the generator offered. I'm trying to reduce the codebase and take advantage of generics where possible to get rid of things like this.  To that end, I've been converting most of these over to System.Collections.ObjectModel.KeyedCollection<T> (which also jives nicely with FxCop - the generated collections came bundled with several items that set FxCop...

EmbeddedPageHandlerFactory - Binary-Only ASP.NET 1.1

I'm constantly looking for ways to make deployment of ASP.NET applications easier. One of the things that makes it difficult is the ASPX markup files that have to be deployed with the app. Wouldn't it be nice not to have those? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to drop the application .dll into the bin folder, pop in your web.config file, and let 'er rip? Since I work primarily in ASP.NET 1.1 right now, the solution I came up with is for ASP.NET 1.1. There is a different/better way to do this in ASP.NET 2.0 and I will be writing/posting...

Paraesthesia.Tools.NAntTasks Released

New tasks added: alpharesx: Alphabetize .resx files by resource ID. lintrelativepaths: Fail the build if a reference hint path uses a relative path to a common location. propertydelete: Don't just set a property to an empty value - delete it so you can use property::exists to your advantage. Go get it!

Paraesthesia.Tools.NAntTasks - Custom NAnt Tasks

I use NAnt to do my automated builds both at home and at work. As such, I decided to start keeping a little library of custom NAnt tasks that help me get things done. I'll add to this library of custom tasks as things get fixed and new things get added. To use the tasks, add a standard <loadtasks /> line to your NAnt build script and reference the custom task assembly. After that, you can use the tasks just like you would any other built-in NAnt task. It'll look like this: <loadtasks assembly="Paraesthesia.Tools.NAntTasks.dll" /> The available tasks include: alpharesx: The <alpharesx /> task...

GuidGenConsole - Generate GUIDs at the Command Line

For those who haven't jumped neck deep in PowerShell, it's a pain to generate GUIDs. That GuidGen app that comes with Visual Studio is a pain. Everyone's chipped in their own three-line GUID command-line generator, but I wrote one that fits my needs, so I figured I'd post it. How's it different? Mine emulates the formatting for all of the available formats in standard GuidGen (though, admittedly, I don't use the C++ formats like IMPLEMENT_OLECREATE so someone will have to tell me if what I'm doing is messed up) and it lets you create multiple GUIDs at once. The entire output gets...

Amazon Associate DHTML Image Tooltips 2.1 Released

This latest adds support for the DHTML tooltip script to co-exist with the Amazon "link-enhancer" script that has been released. The Amazon script takes precedence; links that have been modified by the Amazon script will be bypassed by the DHTML tooltip script. Tooltips that explicitly make use of the DHTML tooltip script will still function properly, and Amazon links not modified by the Amazon "link-enhancer" script will still be updated by the DHTML tooltip script as always. Go get it!

ContactCard 1.2.0 Released

The new version automatically rewrites links on the page that match URLs for contacts you have defined. This makes it zero-effort to implement - just link to various contacts, and their contact card will automatically be associated with that link. Go get it!

ContactCard 1.1.0 Released

The new version adds the ability to render XFN data for links that have no other contact information attached and fixes a positioning bug. Go get it!

ContactCard - DHTML Contact Information

Recently inspired by a trip through Pragmatic Ajax and a look at Phil Haack's XFN Highlighter Script, I decided to play around with the prototype JavaScript library and create a little pop-up contact information script. What this allows you to do is specify the contact information for a given person including their name, email address, web site URL, a short description of them, and their Xbox Live Gamertag and have the contact info pop up automatically when you put your cursor over a link describing them. Rather than talk about it, let me show you (click for a demo page). To use it,...

CR_Documentor Released

The new version is out with a few bug fixes: Fixed rendering issue with table lists being wider than the window. Fixed rendering issue where generics didn't display correctly in syntax preview. Updated minimum requirement for CR_Documentor to DXCore 1.1.58. Needed for syntax preview. Cleaned up icons in the preview window toolbar. Added CR_Documentor to the DXCore "About" box. Go get it!

CR_Documentor Released

The new version is out and the big addition is that you can now see the member syntax preview along with your documentation! Fixed bug in diagnostic logging of MouseDown event. Added preview of member syntax. Added member title banner in preview. Go get it!

Amazon Associate DHTML Image Tooltips 2.0 Released

The new version has some pretty major restructuring and does lots of stuff better to allow for a more peaceful coexistence with other scripts: Converted to "object oriented" JavaScript to avoid name clashes. Fixed minor bug with positioning in newer browsers. Safely attaching to all events (thanks to Phil Haack for this). Updated so script is placed in HEAD of document. Go get it!

Junction Shell Extensions - Update (Obsolete?)

Hermann Schinagl has a great shell extension that provides oodles of functionality around junctions. I have a similar extension, but while mine is more of a "visual cue" sort of thing, his actually does something. I dropped him a note, and he just integrated my icon overlay, and I'm gathering that he's going to put the property sheet in, too, when he gets time. [UPDATE: As of March 26, 2007, Hermann has integrated the property sheet into his extension. Woohoo!] Check this thing out - it's the bomb. Plus, once he's got the property sheet in...

CR_JoinLines Released

The new version has been released fixing a bug where, when used in later versions of DXCore, joining selections was functioning incorrectly. Go get it!

Paraesthesia.Test.Ruby - Integrating NUnit with Ruby/Watir Unit Tests

Testing ASP.NET web applications can be a painful process. Wouldn't it be nice to have a unit testing framework that covered both the API and the web UI testing in an integrated fashion? I put up a CodeProject article discussing how to integrate the NUnit test framework for API unit testing with the Ruby/Watir test framework for web UI testing so you can run all of your tests from one spot and see all the results aggregated. (Note: the test execution mechanism doesn't actually involve NUnit proper, so it can be applied to other similar testing frameworks like the VS 2005...

CR_Documentor Released

The new version is out and is primarily a bug fix release - hopefully some alleviation of problems for the VS 2005 users. Fixed bug that would cause VS 2005 to throw an exception on shutdown if the CR_Documentor window had been displayed during the session. Fixed bug that would display a security warning in the CR_Documentor window for VS 2005 users. CR_Documentor now executes the preview in the "Local Intranet" security zone. Go get it! Big thanks to Max and the rest of the DevExpress support team for being so responsive and pointing me in the direction for the exception-on-shutdown bug as...

CR_Documentor Released

The new version is out and provides the ability to actually include documentation in the preview using the <include /> tag. Go get it!

CR_JoinLines Released

The new version has been released which allows you to provide an optional delimiter parameter for your Join Lines keyboard shortcuts that inserts the provided string between each joined line. Great for joining separate lines into comma-separated lists or providing a space as a delimiter when cleaning up XML elements whose attributes span several lines. Go get it!

Updated Emotifier

I updated the Emotifier script so it supports some limited punctuation now. Check it out.

CR_Documentor Released

The new version has been released and contains an optimization that stops the preview of documentation from being processed when the window isn't visible. (And you all wondered why things were running slow. So was I!) Go get it!

CR_SortLines - Sort Lines in Visual Studio Code Editor via DXCore

UPDATE: CR_SortLines has found a new home with the DXCore Community Plugins project. Head over there to get the latest and read more!   Just like I use the "Join Lines" function a lot, I also sort lines a lot in text editing. That's another feature Visual Studio didn't have that I wanted - the ability to sort lines. CR_SortLines adds a command ("Sort Lines") that you can bind to a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F9 is what I use) and will sort lines in the code editor. Installation is as easy as copying a DLL into a folder and adding the keyboard shortcut. The included...

CR_JoinLines - Join Lines in Visual Studio Code Editor via DXCore

UPDATE: CR_JoinLines has found a new home with the DXCore Community Plugins project. Head over there to get the latest and read more! I use TextPad for text editing and one of the things I like a lot about TextPad is the Ctrl+J shortcut that allows you to join selected lines to each other. Visual Studio doesn't offer that line joining capability, so I decided to write it. CR_JoinLines adds a command ("Join Lines") that you can bind to a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+J, Enter is what I use) and will join lines in the code editor. It also allows for an optional...

CR_Documentor Released

The new version has been released and provides the following updates: Added toolbar to CR_Documentor window with ability to print the current documentation view or open the CR_Documentor settings. Updated settings to allow toolbar to be shown/hidden. Go get it!

Junction Shell Extensions 1.1.0 Released

I just published the new version of my Junction Icon Overlay shell extension, which I've renamed now to "Junction Shell Extensions" because I've added a property sheet that allows you to right-click a junction and see where it points to. If you liked the Junction Icon Overlay, this will probably be a welcome addition. Go get it!

CR_Documentor Released

The new version has been released and provides the following updates: Added logging to the DXCore "Messages" window. Fixed bug where nested lists weren't rendering correctly. Optimized context menu creation. Optimized handling of XmlDocuments for faster rendering in preview window. Updated parser error handling to more accurately display information about the location of errors in XML comments. (Errors now show approximate line/character locations in relation to the source document as well as in relation to the XML comment begin/end.) Fixed bug where attributes on unrecognized tags weren't passing through to be rendered. Go get it!

Emotifier: MSN Messenger Emoticon Text

I was messing around the other day with ASCII text generators like this one when I thought I'd combine that with the power of MSN Messenger. But how to address the font kerning issue? ASCII text art needs a fixed-width font. The solution? Draw in emoticons! The Emotifier was thus born. Let's use, for example, the word "JAM" - Emotify it, paste it into MSN Messenger, and you get: How crazy is that? Here you go - try it for yourself: A couple of notes: First, due to the max length of a Messenger message, it turns out you can really only get four characters...

Solvent 1.1.1 Released - With Source

Solvent 1.1.1 is out with a minor bug fix allowing for "Command Prompt Here" to open the command prompt to drives other than the one VS.NET is installed. (Oops!) I've also (finally) put the Solvent source out there for folks curious how it works. You'll see a lot of stubbed-in stuff where I was/am trying to get the Windows "Send To" menu to show up in there, but it'll probably just forever be stubbed since there's no great way to interface with "Send To," particularly in a managed code world. Anyway, the update's out, so go get it.

Junction Shell Extensions

UPDATE: Hermann Schinagl has a Link Shell Extension that provides a lot of excellent functionality that incorporates my icon overlay and property sheet, which basically obsoletes this package. Definitely check this out if you want a very robust shell integration for reparse points. That said, if all you need is an icon overlay and a property sheet for junctions, read on... I use junction points (aka "reparse points") a lot in my daily tasks. I'm originally a Unix guy; I love hard and symbolic links. Very cool, very flexible. Windows offers a sort of hard link equivalent but doesn't directly provide tools...

CR_Documentor Released

The new version, which requires DXCore 1.1.18 (a free download), has been released and provides the following updates: Added option to replace tabs in <code> blocks with spaces. Added option to remove duplicate links in major sections (<summary>, <remarks>, etc.) to avoid "link noise." Links will be replaced with bold text. Added context menu for inserting XML doc comment templates. Added context menu for embedding selections in XML doc comment templates. Added context menu for XML encoding selected text. Added context menu for converting selected lines to XML doc comment. Added context menu for expanding/collapsing XML doc comment blocks. Added context menu for toggling visibility of CR_Documentor...

Updated SNInfo

I updated the SNInfo app I wrote for displaying assembly strong name information so now it shows a minimum amount of information in a small window to start with, and you can click a button to expand the form and see more detailed info. I also added the full public key to the information displayed, and updated the app so you can drop an assembly right on the SNInfo.exe program and it'll open up with the information directly (rather than having to open SNInfo and then drag the assembly onto it). Oh, and you can click on a...

SNInfo - Strong-Naming Info for .NET Assemblies

I've been working on tracking down different assemblies' strong naming information this morning and I've decided that sn -T [assemblyname] is a big pain in the rear, so I threw together an app I'm sure is out there plentifully already yet I couldn't be bothered to search for. If it's out there, great. If it's not, here you go. This utility is a simple Windows forms app that allows you to drag a .NET assembly onto it and view the strong name information about it.  You can copy/paste any of the information directly, plus I even threw in a little thing...

CR_ContextMenuDemo - A Context Menu Demonstration for DXCore

Use of context menus from within the DXCore plugin framework (used to extend Visual Studio .NET) is not very well documented within the DXCore developer documentation. I have a need to use context menus in some planned enhancements to my CR_Documentor plugin. I got an example of generallly how it works, but nothing that compiles and actually does anything... so I wrote one myself. Enter CR_ContextMenuDemo: Source for a compilable DXCore plugin that illustrates how context menus can be used from within the DXCore plugin framework. The source is well commented to illustrate precisely what is happening in each place. You'd be...

CR_Documentor Released

The new version, which requires CodeRush 1.1.8 / DXCore 1.1.10, has been released and provides the following updates: Added support for ECMA "block" tag. Added support for "obsolete" tag. Added support for use of "style" and "align" attribute on "para" and "note" tags. Fixed issue where code and other text containing encoded XML entities would not properly render. Fixed placeholder support for "include" tag at top level of documentation. Added language word expansions when using "<see langword="*" />" tags. Fixed issue where empty tags might potentially render twice ("<br />" would become "<br><br>"). Go get it!

M4P Backup/Decryption Script

IMPORTANT NOTE: hymn, which I use with the below script for unlocking protected music, is no longer being updated. The new version, JHymn, is a Java-based GUI app that performs the same function and handles the iTunes 4.7.1 issues. It also provides the ability to back up your music (when you unlock it) to a new location. As it does not have a command-line interface, it is not usable with this script. If a command-line interface comes, I'll update this script. Until then, use JHymn. I've posted my JHymn settings here. I'm a user of iTunes, and I have purchased music...

CR_Documentor Released

A new version of CR_Documentor has been released. The latest version includes a revised set of styles to more accurately resemble rendered documentation, has updated tag support to render NDoc 1.3 tags, allows you to choose the level of "tag compatibility" to work with (Microsoft tags only or NDoc 1.3), and allows you to choose how to handle "unrecognized" tags. Go get it!

SharpReader2RSSBandit.xslt - Moving SharpReader Settings Into RSS Bandit

I use an RSS aggregator almost daily. I started off with RSS Reader, then decided to move to SharpReader because it had a little more of what I was looking for feature-wise. I've used SharpReader for quite a while, but while it's configurable in some ways that other readers aren't, I found the control you have over feeds in RSS Bandit is pretty cool, particularly with the ability to apply your own XSLT to the feed, not to mention there's actually a product roadmap and some pretty decent support. So today I downloaded RSS Bandit and started messing with it, liked it,...

Fusion Log Viewer Settings Changer

The Fusion Log Viewer (in pre-.NET-2.0) is a great tool but is a pain to work with if you're working with ASP.NET apps. The built-in ASP.NET log setting is useless, which means if you're going to debug ASP.NET, you need to use the Custom setting. MSDN talks about how to do this, but I find I do one of two things, always: Enable logging in a custom folder (sometimes logging everything, sometimes logging only failures Disable logging to the custom folder (and, in most, if not all cases, logging of binding in general, including...

Amazon Associate DHTML Image Tooltips

I love the Amazon Associate program. I'm a member and I even buy stuff from myself to get a kickback. It's also a good place to send people when you want to show them books, music, movies, etc., that you're talking about. Sort of like a database of "stuff." One of the beauties of the way Amazon set their stuff up is that everything is standardized - link formats, image naming, etc. Everything. Which means, of course, that people outside Amazon can interface with their stuff pretty easily. Good for them, good for us. I integrated Associate links into my blogging program...

.NET Command Prompt Here... and Everywhere Else!

NOTE: Something you may be interested in is the Command Prompt Here Generator. I got a comment on my Solvent entry about how a VS.NET command prompt would be a handy thing to have on the right-click menu. I guess I assumed everyone developing had already fixed their default command prompt so it's ALWAYS a VS.NET command prompt. I find I have little use for a command prompt that doensn't have all of the VS.NET environment stuff set up on it. For those who haven't, and figured it'd be nice, here's the registry hack that will automatically run the vsvars32.bat file when you...

Solvent - Power Toys for Visual Studio .NET

Solvent is a set of simple but effective tools for Visual Studio .NET 2003 packaged as an add-in. Why call it Solvent? All the tools work in the Solution Explorer. Bad science puns aside, here's a list of what Solvent provides: Recursive Expand/Contract: Ever notice when you click the +/- icon next to a folder (or double click on a Solution/Project file), it collapses that particular node in the Solution Explorer... but not any of the sub-nodes? If you have a really large project with a deep hierarchy, wouldn't it be nice to be able to recursively close...

SPS 2003 Search Test 1.1.0 Released

I just completed a new version of the SPS Search Test and put it out there for download. It now supports syntax highlighting for your SQL queries. Go get it!

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Search Web Service Tester

If you work with SharePoint Portal Server 2003, you've probably messed around a bit with creating web parts or maybe automating some of the routine administration tasks, but have you tried accessing the search web service? There are articles out there telling how to integrate the search web service with the Office 2003 Research Pane, there's documentation on the schemas for querying the search service, but if you look at the SDK documentation, there's really no example for what the query itself should look like. I mean, I can figure out how SQL Server full-text queries work, but what's the source...

Convert Your iTunes Library XML into HTML

I've seen a few ways to do this out there, usually involving a Perl script of some nature, but why go to the hassle? When iTunes exports the XML, just transform it using an XSL style sheet to convert to HTML. This might not be as easy for the lay user, but it is certainly better than manually scripting it. First, download itunes2html.xsl and put it in the same folder as the exported library XML file. Now, at the top of your exported library XML file, right below the <?xml version="1.0"?> line, put this line: <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="itunes2html.xsl"?> That's it. If you open the...