Release Notices

Notification of new versions of items that you can download.

Command Prompt Here Generator - VS2013 Support

I added support to generate a "VS2013 Developer Prompt Here" to the Command Prompt Here Generator, so if you're looking for that, there you go.

Autofac 3.0.1 Released

We had to roll out a minor feature introduced in 3.0.0 because it was causing a memory leak. If you're running a long-lived app (Windows service, web site) you'll want this. Only the core Autofac package was updated; the rest remained. Assembly versions didn't change.

Autofac 3.0 Released

The final version of Autofac 3.0.0 is released and you can get it on NuGet or download directly from Google Code. If you're upgrading from 2.6, the big changes are: NuGet packages for everything - you can get core Autofac, the integrations, and the extras, all on NuGet. Symbol/source packages are deployed to SymbolSource so you can debug into the source. New integration with MVC4, WebAPI, and SignalR. Autofac core is now a Portable Class Library that can work on the full .NET stack, Windows Store...

Autofac 3.0 Beta Packages Available on NuGet

We're super close to having a final release of Autofac 3.0 with support for Windows Store apps and Windows Phone 8. Beta packages are available on NuGet now. Rather than repeat what Alex has already said, go check out his very detailed explanation of all the new/fixed/updated stuff available.

Updated Subtext Database Maintenance Page – Enable/Disable Referrals

Tim Heuer figured out the right stored procedure to modify in Subtext to disable tracking of referrals altogether. I'm all for this since it means less need to monitor my database and remove/shrink the referral table. I updated my Subtext Database Maintenance page so you can fix your DB up with a single click. Enable/disable, push-button style. All yours, free, YMMV. Do note that it does actually modify the stored proc, so if you've got your DB locked down or you've customized stuff, this may not be something you want to do. You have been warned.

CR_Documentor Released

The latest version of CR_Documentor,,  has been released. This version is an update to .NET 4 in preparation for a VSIX-based installer (think Visual Studio Gallery) so it will only support Visual Studio 2010. It also resolves a small issue where some interfaces changed in DXCore 11.2.8 and the plugin was throwing exceptions. You will need the latest CodeRush/Refactor/DXCore (11.2.8) or things may not work. (I admittedly haven't tried it on earlier versions.) Free, as always, so go get it! And watch for the VSIX installer, coming soon!

CR_Documentor Released

I posted a new version of CR_Documentor as a compatibility fix for the latest CodeRush/Refactor/DXCore. Some assemblies moved around in DXCore and caused CR_Documentor to fail to load. The latest version fixes that. As always, free - go get it!

CR_Documentor Released

It's been a while in the making, but the new version of CR_Documentor is out. It took a while because I did two pretty major updates to it. First, I totally overhauled the syntax preview generation so each preview style (NDoc or Sandcastle) uses the same syntax preview engine. As part of that, I added a bunch more testing and support for complex syntax like multiple type parameters with multiple type constraints per parameter. What? What does that mean? It means you can see stuff like this in your preview: And, of course, it works in VB, too (which, based on the way...

VS2010 Command Prompt Here

NOTE: I'm no longer maintaining the Command Prompt Round-Up. Instead, visit the Command Prompt Here Generator. I updated my Command Prompt Round-Up to support a VS2010 "Command Prompt Here" function. Right-click a folder and get a VS2010 command prompt. Interested? Go get it.

CR_Documentor Released

It's been almost a year, but I've finally got the new CR_Documentor out the door. Several bug fixes and a couple of new features including: Ability to "pause" rendering - "pause" the preview window and navigate around without having it update. Helpful if you're using the documentation preview as a reference while developing. Assignable shortcut actions - set up shortcuts for many of the actions previously only available in the context menu like "convert selection to XML doc comment" or "collapse all XML documentation blocks." Still free - head over to...

ImageShackWriterPlugin - Upload to ImageShack from Windows Live Writer

I have to admit - I'm a Windows Live Writer convert. I tried earlier versions and wasn't impressed, but I'm all over it now. I'm also an ImageShack user. I love their free image hosting service for its ability to save me bandwidth on image hosting. It makes a surprising difference. (I even use YFrog on Twitter.) The only real problem I ran into was that Windows Live Writer wants to upload every image to your blog for hosting. I don't want that - I want my images on ImageShack. That means leaving Windows Live Writer to upload...

CR_CodeTweet: Tweet Code Snippets from Visual Studio

Sometimes you have a snippet of code in Visual Studio that you'd like to share over Twitter. You used to have to post the code snippet somewhere (or take a screen shot), then manually tweet the link to that snippet. Not anymore! CR_CodeTweet is a plugin for DXCore that adds a context menu and hotkey that allows you to select code in Visual Studio and automatically post it to CodePaste.NET, then tweet a link to that posted snippet - all without leaving Visual Studio. Select your code and use a simple context menu... ...

DX_ContextLab - Help in Checking/Debugging DXCore Contexts

This is sort of a niche thing, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry. However, people who write DXCore plugins (CodeRush/Refactor) sometimes need to do some action based on what context the user is currently in. For example, you may need to enable a function or hide a button or something if the user is in a designer screen. The problem is, it's hard to debug that sort of thing - there's nothing that says "here's the context(s) you're currently in" so when you're writing your plugin you can do the right thing. That's what...

CopyTrackMetadata Released

A while ago I wrote a little app that would let you copy iTunes metadata from one track to another. Due to a breaking change in iTunes 9 where it doesn't handle selected tracks in the UI the same way, I updated it. Still free, and source available (and updated to .NET 3.5/VS 2008). If you want it, grab it.

Paraesthesia.Tools.NAntTasks Released

It's been a while since I touched these, particularly since I don't use NAnt much anymore, but I got spurred into action by one of my readers (thanks Mark!). To that end, I did some updating to get things to work with a more recent environment... Updated to .NET 2.0. Updated to NAnt 0.86 beta 1. Fixed nunitexec task to no longer output the "framework" parameter. Fixed nunitexec task to properly quote only the value of command-line parameters. Fixed alpharesx to...